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The need for new software at every step of business growth has resulted in the software companies to grow at a ballooning rate. It often becomes challenging to choose the most appropriate development company for achieving the best software for any business. Since developing software successfully requires a lot of money to be invested, businesses should make sure that the money should not go to waste due to project failure as a result of choosing the wrong development company. Businesses should ensure that the software being created can help them meet their business goals in the most optimized way. Thus, choosing the right development company for any business is extremely critical.

There are certain factors that every business should consider while choosing a development company. Here are a few of them:

1) The Business Type

  • One important aspect to be considered while choosing a development company is the kind of projects they work on and the domains that they cover.
  • The business should ensure that the kind of project it is expecting falls in the purview of the domain coverage of the software company.

2) Success Stories of the Development Company
Success Stories of the Development Company

  • Businesses should take note of the position of the software company in the market
  • The projects accomplished successfully by the development company should be taken into consideration.

3) A Proper Testing Team
A Proper Testing Team

  • It is a must for the software company to have a proper testing team.
  • Some companies depend solely on the developers for both development and testing which can become too hectic for the developers and result in missing out of important defects.
  • Having a proper testing team is integral to any software company in order to render bug-free software that can run smoothly on every required platform.

4) Technical Expertise:
Technical Expertise

  • Businesses should be well briefed about the technologies used by the development company and make sure that the company is technically updated enough.
  • Businesses may go through some of the available code samples, if possible.
  • It should be ensured that the company uses the right technologies for the right projects

5) Problem-solving

  • The developers should go deep into the project and understand the requirements with rigorous consultation with the client.
  • The developers should be capable of providing solutions to every critical problem.

6) Resources

  • It must be ensured that the development company has an adequate number of resources for the development process, with each resource having some specialized skill. The client should be informed about the size of the team and its functional members.
  • In an effort to save money, many software development teams try to complete the entire development process by hiring only a few resources. Hiring an inadequate number of resources forces individual members to work across sectors even where they are not skilled enough or comfortable, which may result in unsuccessful project delivery.

7) Management and Communication
Management and Communication

  • The software company must be highly responsive to every requirement of the client and should always respond to every client call, e-mail, Skype pings or any other kind of interaction.
  • The management should be a professional one with proper execution plans.
  • There should be constant communication among developers, testers and client.
  • Businesses should be well informed about the project management tools, such as HP ALM, to be used by the company.

8) Budget

  • Businesses should consider that maximum budget for the project. When business interests are high, the businesses should be ready to invest a higher amount accordingly.
  • The estimated costs of different software companies should be compared. The company that provides the most optimized cost estimation while using the best technologies can be a good choice.
  • It should be kept in mind that choosing a lower cost estimation should not deprive the development process of the right quality and technology.

9) The Time Factor
The Time Factor

  • Businesses should decide on the estimated time by when they need the project to ready.
  • Often, incurring highest costs results in faster project delivery.
  • Businesses should make a research on the time taken for the delivery of some previous projects by the software company.
  • Businesses should not hurry for the project to be completed before the required time.

10) Maintenance

  • It should be ensured that the development company provides constant maintenance and support once the software is already launched.
  • Proper maintenance of the developed product through rigorous testing and support helps in retaining the developed product in the long term.

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